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      "And think you, my lord," said Turner, firmly, "that if Stephen Holgrave had told me of his hiding-place, Wat Turner would be the man to bring him back to his bondage? No, no! I never did any thing yet to be ashamed of."

      But the exhausting punishment he had endured for above four hours, together with the cold that penetrated his whole frame, from lying so long exposed on the damp earth, so much impeded his speech, that he could not utter an intelligible word.

      "No," said Holgrave. "Now you speak of the boy, I will not leave this place. Let him live and toil, and suffer, and""I have seen blue eyes and black eyesfair skinsand dark skins, but I never saw a she of them I cared to look upon the second time; but I couldn't have sheered off this night without a parting look at you, if the whole hue and cry of Winchcombe had stood to meet me. You've never been to sea, Lucy, and so you cannot tell how it cheers a man to think of the port his vessel is steering toto look across the heaving billows and to see, even in his fancy, the snug harbour where he is, at length, to cast his anchor. Now, maiden," continued Wells, pressing within his own hard palms the little hand he held, "now tell me, shall not the wandering seaman look across the ocean to a sure anchorage. May he not think of a haven where he may at last moor his tossed-about galley?"

      "No," replied Lucy, "I don't think I ever saw you before."

      "Never! never!" replied the woman, with a convulsive scream. "No one but you dare I askand I will not leave my hold, unless you force me! You know not what is in the heart: even in the last hour there may bethere is mercy. Let him not die with the curse upon himand, by all your hopes in this life, and by the blessedness that will gladden you hereafter, do not deny the last hope of the wretched!" The woman again bent down her head, as if exhausted by the intensity of her feelings.

      The treasurer turned pale, and hung his head.


      "Not so fast, Master Calverley. Did you ever send in the direction of Dean Forest?"


      "Do not disturb yourself," said the father, in a soothing tone; and, as the wretched wife left the room, he prepared himself to listen to the dark catalogue of long-growing crime. Father John exhorted and encouraged, and with all the fervour of his soul joined the dying man's prayer for mercy. It seemed as if the spirit had lingered for the parting consolations of religion; for scarcely were the last prayers said, ere a slight tremor was perceptible through the whole frame; the eyes fixed, the jaw fell, and the soul went forth to judgment.


      It was reported that the Lady Isabella had been in a state of great excitement from the moment of perusing the parchmentthat she had urged De Boteler to make the required vow, alleging that if the contract was not fulfilled, the engagement would, of course, be voidand, it was added, that De Boteler himself, had at first appeared disposed to comply; but, on further consideration, had resolved to wait till something further should transpire.Holgrave started. "Hailes church-yard!" he repeated, bending nearer to the speaker.